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Powerful Teams Don't Compromise Collective Purpose!

Collective purpose is such a buzz-type word. But the concept is more than buzz. It's the foundation of good teamwork.
In practice, it is not as common as you would think. At least not as common as it should be with the surge in "collaboration" over the last 5 years. Everyone talks collaboration. Working together. Yet, it is not uncommon for many teams to actually collaborate with collective purpose.
What is collective purpose? There are four basic features at the core of collective purpose. Here they are from big picture down to technical detail.
1. When a team shares a vision about what needs to happen and where they intend to be.
2. When a team shares what they hope to achieve and the goals they have to reach along the way.
3. When a team understands how they go about their business.
4. When a team accepts the roles and plays those roles with passion and strength.

Collective purpose can empower and awaken a team to move in the same direction. Collective purpose create…

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