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Word Study Warm-Ups

I'm proud to watch our team at TeamTom Education lead into another area of curriculum and instruction...Word Study!

They are hard at work developing a free spiraling warm-up resource for reading teachers in grades 2-8. In just 10 days we've had almost 300 teachers sign up, and the list is growing by 5-20% per day.

If you know a reading teacher, team, or department that could benefit from a streamlined approach to teaching word knowledge to young readers and writers, this free membership may be for them.

The power in this resource is in the research-based video instruction and the spiraling curriculum. Daily word study warm-ups guarantee each student has hands-on practice and direct instruction with the following skills and concepts: consonant clustersvowel soundsvowel combinationsmultiple syllable wordssentence fluencyacademic vocabularyword partsroot words Our authors are at work developing the curriculum into all areas of word study to build stronger readers and writers.  💪?…

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