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Kudos for Teaching Resources at TeamTom Education

I don't mention it much here on the leadership blog, but I've got to take a few sentences to say how proud I am of our publishing team.

You author the best teaching resources!

Keep up the great work.

View their latest test prep resources on the teaching blog at

Be sure to recommend the blog to teachers you know!

And teachers are saying the greatest things...which is always more than I can say!

“My class loved using these!” -Natalie Asbury
“My class started using these today. There are so many options and ways to use them!” -Jessica C.
“This is great! Thank you ;)” -Elizabeth Liedtke
“Great for workstations and exit tickets!” -Ms. W Creative Little Learners (TPT Seller)
“This resource is great practice!” -Stacy B.

Keep Your Star Teachers from Quitting You

In my previous post, Very Few Teachers Ever Quit Teaching, I proposed the idea that teachers never quit teaching. They quit their principal. If this is true, for the most part, then here are some easy to use strategies to keep your star teachers from quitting you.

1. Say Thank You to Your Teachers No, don't go there...not in a general email. That's not good enough. It's practically boss spam.
Instead, make it personal. I was leaving Kroger's the other day, and the manager was cleaning the entry area. An employee was leaving his shift, and the manager said, "Thanks for your hard work today."
That's it. It's not magical. It's leadership, and it says how much you value your teachers.
Here are 23 Tips to Boost Staff Morale.

2. Be a Treasure Hunter It is so easy to point out every flaw and detail of imperfection. Or should I say, perceived flaw?
Make it a habit of walking through classrooms and finding treasure! Organized environments, rigor of questi…

Very Few Teachers Ever Quit Teaching

Almost no teacher. Very few. Practically none. They don't just quit teaching. But they do quit something. (And Burnout is Real)

Almost all educators who entered the profession did so because they love growth. Teachers love to see children grow. Teachers love to see students learn. School leaders love to watch teachers grow. District and regional leaders love helping people and organizations grow.

With all this love, it's illogical that any teacher every quits teaching. Well, they don't.

Teachers don't quit teaching, they quit their principals.
Here are 4 ways to keep your star teachers from quitting you:Use words to encourage, affirm, and recognize individually and in group settings. There's no cost to words. There's no bank where they run out. Don't be stingy with good words.Visit them often and find the good. If you can't find the good, then it's likely that your lenses need cleaning. You provide great training and support, so the good is there. …