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Climate Conflicts: Uncertainty Among Teachers

It's Rose's first year on your campus. She has promise to be a great teacher and only has 2 years of experience. The students love her, you like what you see in walk-throughs, and she gets along with her team. However, there's a problem, and it's going to impact your entire school climate - uncertainty.

Innovation Misinterpreted Rose attended the last team meeting and offered some great ideas about improving students' math computation skills. She listened to the feedback on her team and decided to implement her ideas with the adjustments suggested by her teammates. Sound good, right?

Well, it is good.

The problem is the uncertainty on the team about your expectations for innovation.

At a recent staff meeting, you made it clear that you expect everyone to work together. Your exact words were, "Every teacher on your team needs to be on the same page."

The Problem with Your Solution You were addressing a problem that was arising on a 2nd-grade team where ea…