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Test Question Slap Down

TeamTom Education has an amazing strategy on the new blog post. It is a total response strategy that is aimed at taking test review into excellent instruction. In this strategy, students focus on test question analysis, but they do so in a fun and engaging way!

The blog post covers these key topics related to the strategy:

How the Strategy Works - a step-by-step overview of the strategy, Test Question Slap DownWhat are Analysis-Level Questions?Test Review to Think Deeply - Questions stems to prompt critical thinking when using test itemsOngoing Formative AssessmentThe Benefits of Fun and Engaging Test ReviewIdeas for Classroom Management with this strategy
You can read or recommend teachers to review the blog post at Test Review Game: Test Question Slap Down.

Feed the Principals and Build the Schools!

I once heard the book titled something like, Feed Your Teachers or They'll Eat the Students. The gist of it was this: build a healthy work environment, and teachers will get the most learning out of the students. To do this, teachers need:
SupportAffirmationProfessional learningPositive feedbackCoaching feedbackListening I think you'll agree, these are the basics for a healthy school culture. You'll also agree the same is true at the leadership level.
Feed Your Principals, or They'll Eat Your Teachers Your principals want the same as teachers - to be successful!
Wait a second, that's the same desire held by district leaders and community members.
So why do principals often act in ways that reveal detrimental dispositions? Dispositions and actions that undermine success. Such as: Fear of being judged harshly.Insecurity about their success.Need for control.Reaction to unforeseen problems. The answer is...
...they need to be fed. In a leadership culture that builds.
I …