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Culture is a Reflection of Leadership

School culture is not the sole responsibility of leaders. Each of us has an impact on culture (and You Don't Need a Title to Impact Culture) and a shared responsibility to shape it in positive ways on our campuses.

That said, positional leaders have a title and the hierarchy of the organization behind each of their actions, so their impact is magnified. Whether you are an instructional coach, a curriculum designer, team leader, or the boss behind the desk - you have a magnified impact on the school culture.

And the culture is a reflection of the leadership in your school.

There's no need to buy that new full-length mirror for your closet - the school is your mirror. The school reflects your confidence and your passion. And on the flip side, it also mirrors your fear and insecurity.

[side note: this is why district and regional leaders have an obligatory role to feed the principals]
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Quickest Route to a Toxic Culture (And How to Avoid It)

There is one variable at the root of campus culture - humans. This variable is responsible for all of our school culture concerns and strengths.

Whether you've measured it or not, your culture is on a continuum from healthy to toxic. The quickest route to a toxic school culture includes de-valuing humans:
Don't smile.Don't talk.Don't compliment.Criticize often.Don't listen. Here's the great news: leadership controls all five of these campus habits! And each of these habits/actions is a pitfall, and I'm going to show you how to avoid them.

Notice that none of these leadership pitfalls mention instructional leadership. You could be the world's greatest instructional leader, curriculum guru, or assessment expert, but still build (unintentionally) a toxic school culture.
So enough of the negative, let's talk how to avoid the pitfalls of this quick route to a toxic culture.
Here are some ways to avoid the trap of a toxic school culture.
Toxic Culture Bust…