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Top Back to School Leadership Reads

These are the top back to school posts for school leaders and school culture shapers. I hope you enjoy finding these great reads for the first time or rereading them and finding golden nuggets all over again.

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How Long Should Direct Instruction Be? Direct instruction is great, but how long should it be - based on brain research? This is a great reminder from Eric Jensen about the length that most students can cognitively engage (in direct instruction, that is) and 5 tips to get the most from direct instruction. Read more >>> 

Originally Published August 9, 2017, by @mafost

Boost Staff Morale, 23 Tips Here are 23 easy-to-use, and mostly free, tips that any principal can do this week to boost morale and make some morale magic happen! Read more >>>

Originally Published July 25, …

Building Trust Through Change

Building Trust Through Change
How do a principal and school leadership team lead change without starting a mutiny? Because you very well know that mutinies are real, and even good principals can be thrown overboard if they make the wrong missteps.

Namely, if there is strong distrust on campus.

So let's stay on the ship. Safely with our to speak.

Today I want to share the great advice from other educational leaders and principals that can help you build trust through times of change.

Building Trust With Your Staff Let's start with a big challenge: staff members or teachers who we perceive aren't "keeping up" with the profession. Change for them is usually the hardest.

"Yes but how do we get that thought through to those who aren't keeping up with their professions...without it looking like "top-down" initiatives? Blame-shame for 3rd parties is so much easier." @LaneWalker2
Blame and shame usually lead to a culture of fear...defin…