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You Don't Need a Title to Impact School Culture (5 Ways)

Who's the leader? Who makes improvements on your campus? Is it the principal? How about the instructional coaches? What about the paraprofessionals? Here are 5 reasons you don't need a title to impact school culture and make a vast improvement in your school!

Dr. Amy Fast (follow her here) hit a home run when she wrote about the 5 ways to impact school culture (read her article here).

1.) Assume Best Intent
2.) Surround Yourself With Greatness
3.) Elicit Feedback From Those You Trust
4.) Know Your Sphere of Influence (Read more on Context Switching for School Leaders)
5.) Make Your WHY Transparent

If you step back and think about what these all have in common, you'll find one common thread - personal awareness.

The first four ways to impact school culture deal with being aware of the persons around you - listening, trusting, gauging, and building your circles.

The fifth way to impact school culture is not focused on outer awareness but self-awareness - knowing your own inte…