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The Growth Problem with Evaluations

Many teacher and principal evaluation systems are evolving more and more into growth vehicles. And that's a good trend.

However, there's a major problem haunting evaluation systems.

Evaluation systems will never equal growth systems.

I know that's superlative, and there's no room for mistake in my claim. So let me explain.

Evaluation Does Not Equal Growth Evaluation is judgment. It's a stamp in time on your performance.

Evaluation is a rating. A score. It's not a discussion that promotes thought, reflection, or creativity. Therefore, it does not equal growth.

That's not to say evaluation is unnecessary. Of course, it's needed for many reasons. But it's not to be confused with growth tools.

Evaluation is about Employment An evaluation measures your performance as an employee. It doesn't gauge you as a professional or as a person.

It compares you to the expectations of an organization. It's used to make employment decisions and formalize deci…