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Accidental Diminishers, 6 Types for Self-Reflection

Multiplying results, multiplying your network, multiplying strength in others, multiplying your team's effective - these are all traits of multipliers (here's the amazing book by Liz Wiseman). On the flipside, there are many actions that can diminish in spite of being spurred by good intentions.

In this post, I'll share with you 6 types of accidental diminishers:
The OptimistThe Rapid ResponderThe Pace-SetterThe RescuerThe Idea GuyAlways On Marci Houseman shared the graphic below on Twitter, and I thought it would be perfect to share with you.
The Wiseman Group
"Being a multiplier means being aware of those times when we have a tendency to be an accidental diminisher. To build capacity we must provide others with the opportunity to learn and grow—even if something is done “differently” than we would have done it." - Marci Houseman The Optimist Being an optimist is a strength, and it's much needed. However, the strength comes with a flipside, it can be perceive…