Top Back to School Leadership Reads

These school leadership posts were read by over 15000 principals this year!

These are the top back to school posts for school leaders and school culture shapers. I hope you enjoy finding these great reads for the first time or rereading them and finding golden nuggets all over again.

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How Long Should Direct Instruction Be?

Direct instruction is great, but how long should it be - based on brain research? This is a great reminder from Eric Jensen about the length that most students can cognitively engage (in direct instruction, that is) and 5 tips to get the most from direct instruction. Read more >>> 

Originally Published August 9, 2017, by @mafost

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Boost Staff Morale, 23 Tips

Here are 23 easy-to-use, and mostly free, tips that any principal can do this week to boost morale and make some morale magic happen! Read more >>>

Originally Published July 25, 2016, by Tom Waters

School Leadership Trends for Back to School

This montage provides some of the best quotes and ideas for principals from principals. For example, "Your teachers will grow into the roles you empower." And from Jimmy Casas, "The job of a school leader was never meant to be a committee of one." Read more >>>

Originally Published September 7, 2016, by Tom Waters

Growth Problem with Evaluations

This post was ahead of its time. As more and more evaluation systems shift toward growth orientations instead of purely employee management tools, this post will help you think about the growth problems inherit in evaluations and what to do about it. Read more >>>

Originally Published October 7, 2017, by Tom Waters

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