3 Tips for Grant Writing (Principals and School Leaders)

Tips for Grant Writing Principals and School Leaders

I was listening to the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast this week and came across a great episode on grant opportunities, building relationships in the community, and creating business partnerships. I'd like to share a few key points from the podcast that you might find helpful as a school leader.

Make A Million with Grants

This episode is literally about how David Kincade generated a million+ dollars for organizations. The premise, and catch, to getting grants is understanding where they are and why they are given. 

And of course, the fact that they are called everything but "grants" is an important first understanding.

Grant Money is Everywhere!

Grants are everywhere just waiting for schools to ask for it. Money for furniture, for technology, for agriculture, and more is just waiting for principals to apply for it!

Three Areas for Education Grants

  1. The Rotary Club
  2. Corporations
  3. Specific Project Grants

"Grant" Money, Rotary Club

Cue forward to the 8:00 mark in the podcast to hear how easy it is to reach out to your local Rotary club - build relationships there and find the connections that have a common interest as your school's story.

Grant Money from Corporations

 At 12:00 in the podcast David launches into how to build relationships with local corporations, whose grant money for the meaningful work in your school is just a "drop in the bucket." Corporate money is an opportunity for them to build connections in the community and a chance for your school to gain engagement in the community.

Big grant money for schools in three areas: agriculture, environmental science, and technology.

Prepping for Specific Project Grants

David finishes up the grant advice for principals by giving specific tips on how to prepare for project grants, how to build trust with grant agencies, and really get the edge on grant application processes.

Listen To the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

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I hope you enjoyed these grant tips for principals and school leaders - if so, please consider sharing with a friend or colleague!


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