Burned Out, Beaten Up, Fighting Back [Book Review]

Burned Out, Beaten Up, Fighting Back: A Call to Action for America's Public Educators
Released on February 9, 2018

Dr. Latoya Dixon gives a practitioner perspective on the efforts of policymakers to reform education as they actually cause harmful unintended consequences.
We have to shift the culture away from competition to collaboration, from standardization to personalization, from the test to the children. We are long overdue for this conversation.
She offers a confession and personal narrative about her own burnout as a successful teacher and campus principal. She offers simple-to-follow action steps that will allow educators to fight back against the harmful effects of poorly-designed policy and demeaning narratives.
We've become so connected to the test we're using to sort, sift, rank, and label our schools, that the issue of trusting teachers and educators to assess children's academic needs and provide for thos isn't a consideration.

You can read a chapter of her book on Amazon.


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